Silicone Material Standard-----FDA

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Food and Drug Administration is shorted for FDA. FDA represent U.S.FDA sometime. U.S.FDA is international medical treatment examine authority institution, America Congress (federal government) authorize it. It is the highest law enforcement organs which work on food and drug administration specially, the specialized person such as doctor, lawyer, chemist etc constitute in it. Many other countries control their national food safety by finding and receiving the help of FDA.


FDA international sales certification is not only the highest grade certification in America, it is also the highest pass certification in the world trade organization (WTO).


FDA have a great effect in the America, even around the world, is also called ¡°American health angel¡±. The drug makers and food businessman all over the world love and afraid it, its prestige and specialized is trusted in most of specialized person and widely people. 

FDA silicone material


Silicone Material Standard-----LFGB

Silicone Material Standard-----SGS

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