Silicone Material Standard-----LFGB

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In September 2005, Germany LFGB replaced of LMBG, it is also called food, tobacco and other commodity management program. That is the most important basic law document of the field of food hygiene management in the Germany. The commodity use burdened by food, if it pass the LFGB test, it can be sold in the Germany.


If you see there is a knife and fork logo on the surface of food container, that represent the product had passed the LFGB test, its safety fit the Germany and Europe standard. The products which passed LFGB, it means without hazardous substance. In the Europe market, the product which having a knife and fork logo can strengthen customers confidence and the desire of purchase.


LFGB test requirement is stricter than other country, therefore, LFGB test report is also being approved by other country. The product have a knife and fork logo, it symbolize a high prestige in the European Union customers heart. Compared with the same type of product, the price will be higher relatively.


LFGB standard


Silicone Material Standard-----FDA

Silicone Material Standard-----SGS

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