Silicone material quality's effect element

Time£º4/14/2015 9:02:39 PM  

There are seven elements decide on silicone material quality in the manufacture process.

First, viscosity. In the common situation, viscosity is proportionate to the hardness.

Second, hardness. Silicone have a hardness JIS range of 10 to 80. Those give the designer enough free to decide the needed hardness. In addition, heating solidified time and temperature is also can change the hardness, and would not destroy another physical property.

Third, tensile strength.

Fourth, tearing strength.

Fifth, elongation. The different ways of manufacture and different curing agent chose, they change the elongation in great degree. Silicone elongation is close relation with the temperature.

Sixth, operation time. During the process of product operation, saved the time more, the more favorable for the finished product.

Seventh, curing time.

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